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I want to introduce myself to your group. I am an Independent Manufacturing Representative AND offer sourcing services from my IPO (International Procurement Office) out from Hong Kong. I link companies that want to expand their manufacturing or outsourcing strategies to Asia and provide services that help them achieve it without the "headaches" that come from it and who are looking into lowering product cost without sacrificing product quality and performance.

 The advantages to you in outsourcing electronics and or product manufacturing -
1. Allows you to concentrate resources on your core business
2. Improves your profitability by reducing your overheads
3. Reduces or eliminates investment costs in manufacturing plant
4. Reduces or eliminates manufacturing recruitment and training costs
5. No procurement logistics or component, WIP stock management required
6. Reduces your time from product development to market

My company value adds by being the eyes and ears for the customer by providing all these services;
1) Conduct cost analysis for their product - advice on alternate cheaper parts to maximize margins.
2) Advise on which CM is experienced and capable of manufacturing the product and in obtaining best quotes for them to vet through themselves.
3) Help in setting up the manufacturing line and processes if required
4) Help develop the test systems so that customers can see live product test data and mfg yields if required.
5) Last service provided is a schedule mfg audit to ascertain compliance of the manufacturing process.

If you are only at a design /prototype stage – we can help in guiding you on the design process ( from DFM and DFT) , mould and tool fabrication, prototype development , advice on compliance testing (product safety test) and bring it up to mass production.
We also can guide your company on IP protection, Non Disclosure Agreements and Manufacturing Contracts to secure what was developed.
I have and currently am outsourcing the manufacturing of Electronics and the assembly of Box Build Products that are assembled and final product tested down in Malaysia and in China. ( All certified to ISO9001, ISO13485,TS16949 devices manufacturers )

If you are looking for such services; please do contact me .

Jerry Mourin ( BScEE/MBA)
JJM Mfg Services
Offices ( Penang Malaysia / Hong Kong)
Tel : +61 448400422
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